Friday, October 12, 2007

How to spend a lovely day of A&S getting nothing done

Apprentice and Best Friend and I got together for A&S day and it went something like this:

Plan for 11am start.

Actual arrival of Apprentice & Best Friend, 1230pm.

Move art supplies stuff from cars to condo. (30min)

Decide food and drink is necessary. Go pile into van. Get drive thru coffee and snacks. Back to condo (30min).

Imbibe victuals and caffeine and chat about nothing.(30min)

Set up art supplies (30min).

Re-organize art supplies to facilitate project.(30min)

Work on project while talking about other projects one is not currently working on. (30min)

Tea & bathroom break (30min)

Apprentice goes "eep! the time!". Apprentice bails taking Best Friend with her as they carpooled.

Projects completed: None.

Afternoon with Apprentice & Best Friend: Priceless. :-)

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Factorial said...

How art days go when I'm alone:

-Decide to do something creative
-Internet time! (1 hour)
-Haul out 85 lbs of supplies, set up (45 minutes)
-Get grossed out by unclean home: vacuum and clean up kitchen (1 hour)
-Start a movie or turn on the TV
-Half heartedly work on something (half hour)
-Get distracted by moving pictures. End day watching movie, wondering what happened.
-Put away 85 lbs of supplies.
-Vacuum again (if I've been sewing).

This is why that damn banner never got done! :-D