Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jan. 29, 2008: a few fave recipes

Herb soup #2 (from Redon, Medieval Kitchen)
"Menestra of greens. Take Swiss chard leaves and a
little borage; cook them in boiling clear water until
the water comes back to the boil; then drain them and
chop fine with a knife. And take a little parsley and
raw mint and chop them along with the greens. Then
pound everything in a mortar, and add to a pot with
rich broth and boil briefly, If you like, you can add
a little pepper."

Ingredients: Swiss chard, borage (can substitute
spinach or other greens), parsley, mint, beef broth,

Production: Boil (in batches) 2 bunches of swiss chard
(we got the red variety), 2 bunches of parsley, and 3
12 oz packages of precleaned spinach, saving the water
for stock. Chop greens fine and mix all together. [If
you can get borage, give it a try. We froze the block
of greens for transport and froze the veggie water
separately (which made reheating onsite easier).
Onsite we heated veggie water (one container busted,
but was no problem as we also had beef broth), added
greens, added drippings from roast beef (see below),
added 32oz beef broth, and salt and pepper to taste.
This recipe filled a 5qt pot.

Roasted Onions #26
"Of onion salad. Take onions; cook them in the embers,
then peel them and cut them across in longish, thin
slices; add a little vinegar, salt, oil, and spices,
and serve."

Ingredients: onions, vinegar, salt, oil, spices

Production: Peel and cut tops and bottom from large
white onions (I did 8). Place on sheet pan. Roast in
oven at 300 for a little over and hour. slice into
wedges (not rings). Dress with white wine vinegar,
salt, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), and about 2 tsp
of Rafaella's Salsa Fina for every 4 onions. Serve.
This could be hot or cold dish. I roasted onions on
wednesday eve, packed in containers, then kept cool
and dressed onsite and served.


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Factorial said...

We did onion salad (I can't remember what kind of onions) at the BFM demo last fall. We charred them on skewers over the fire, sliced, and dressed with red wine vinegar, pepper, salt, and cinnamon. Big hit!